Biggest 5 lessons from life so far I have learnt

  1. All of us are the seeds of a giant Banyan tree. But most of us want to quickly flourish into some kind of tree or another, and fully bloom into one, so that we can sit back and relax sipping Martini at a private beach in Cancun. As a result of this quickly-get-everything attitude, we end up becoming ordinary trees which can be cut easily, which get uprooted easily in storms and bent easily with the violent breezes. Banyan tree, if you have looked at one, inspires awe because of its giant structure and immense shade that it provides to anyone who rests at its root. Its easy to forget that a Banyan tree never always existed but it grew, stem by stem, leaf by leaf, root by root into what its today and continues to. We all are the seeds of a Banyan tree. A Banyan tree endures all austerity with firmness of will and belief in its actual nature, its actual identify.  Anything sturdy and robust takes TIME, a LOT of TIME and PATIENCE while never forgetting to be grateful to the LORD that sustains us. All of us are the seeds of a giant Banyan tree, let us pray to Lord to provide us His Grace so that we might realize that and then work in the Banyan-tree direction.
  2. We have to DRAG ourselves to work for things that are important even when we do not want to and then when we get involved we enjoy it (Funny, but found true!). No ones likes to do the hard things which create a better future; it can be challenging to put the hard work day in and day out. But the days when you do not feel like working out or putting efforts towards your dream, those are the days you need to force yourself to do what you do not want because that counts more than anything else. No one is always motivated, and its not about motivation its about journey. I always say, Fitness is a journey, becoming a Banyan tree similarly is a journey. Forget motivation, remember COMMITMENT. 
  3. We have to work equally hard on cultivating emotional and mental strength as much as we do on improving our physical strength. I grew up in a family which emphasised a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness and hygiene. Therefore, I do not take much pride in being regular in exercise. However, what I have come to learn is that mental health is UTTERLY important to cultivate in these times of excess stress, anxiety and volatile emotions. And guess what? It is challenging and that we have to become our own trainers. Mental health is the new paradigm or well being for me personally. Therefore, we have to force ourselves to work on it every single day just like we do on our physical health. However the dividends reaped from minimal investment of time in improving mental health go a long way in improving our quality of life and do not diminish with time. MENTAL HEALTH is THE NEW HEALTH. It is elusive and difficult to handle, but I can only imagine the STRENGTH we will accrue with every passing session spent working towards it. Please force yourself to spend some time daily working on your psyche and mind. 
  4.  Love is not romance, it is not courting, certainly it is not sex, forget about marriage. Not every loving relationship consummates and yet the ability to harbor only genuine love, affection, and silent care for the person , not the kind that prevails with "hope-of-coming-back" , reaches somewhere close to love. As a specie, we have merely and I stress, MERELY scratched the surface of understanding what authentic love means in its more pure form. And most importantly only those who have the courage to be vulnerable in the face of love can actually graduate in the life school of love. 
  5. The fifth one? the fifth one is that never believe in anyone else's lessons - its crap!!  Find your own journey, face your own struggles, make your own decisions, mistakes and then learn your own lessons. Your clock is different and unique. 


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